Listen To This: “Strange Weekend” – Porcelain Raft

2012 got off to a slow start for me as far as new music goes. By this time last year, I was already knee deep in the Akron / Family record, the new PJ Harvey, and had re-fallen in love with the last 2 Andrew Bird records. This year started off slow. Heartless Bastards released a great record, Sharon Van Etten released her first great record, but nothing was blowing my mind. I can safely say Strange Weekend is already one of the best records of 2012.

I first heard “Picture” by Porcelain Raft in this eMusic ad:

You should immediately notice how awesome the tune is. The rest of the album is equally as cool – from the eMusic review:

With their underwater acoustics, synths sparkling in oceans of reverb, and Remiddi’s high, ethereal chirp, these lovingly constructed, basement-recorded jams float by in a gorgeous haze – like a brilliant dream you barely remember, a soft drug trip you didn’t realize you were having. But for all its spacey minimalist texture, this isn’t remotely close to chillwave: There’s too much concrete pain and sweat in Remiddi’s voice, too much clarity in the arrangements, which (even at their most ambient) put melody over mosaics.

Mauro Remiddi (from Rome, Italy) went solo at 40 and made what has to be the best music of his career as Porcelain Raft.