New Plugin, “Tumble”

I launched Shuffle 2 days ago, and it is has already been downloaded over 200 times. Drunk with this knowledge, I cranked out a 2nd plugin: “Tumble.”

Tumble is an API helper for, you guessed it, Tumblr. What does that mean? Well, your WordPress Media Library and Post history are great resources. They are content repositories waiting to be unleashed unto the world. By default, you share them using your WordPress blog/website, but why not use the same content on other services when appropriate?

Let’s say you want to start a Tumblr but you don’t want to take the time to fill it up with new posts. Maybe you want your website to have galleries of images, but there’s one photo in particular that you think would be great as a Tumblr “Photo” post. Tumblr might be a niche audience that likes your content, but only in bite-sized pieces. This is where Tumble comes in.

Tumble inserts it self in your Post history as a one-click action, right alongside “Edit,” “Quick Edit,” and the like. Click “Post to Tumblr” for a post in your list of Posts, and voila! you have added a new post to your Tumblog.

In your Media Library, I have added a column that inserts Tumblr Post links for each item. Click the link for an item, and the plugin is smart enough to know what time of content you are dealing with and will format the API call to Tumblr appropriately. Currently this works for Photos, Audio, and Video. There is a 10MB limit for photos/audio and a 50MB limit for video. The plugin will tell you right away if the item is too big to transfer.

I like the idea that your Media Library is just a content repository, so why not use it to share to other destinations on the web. Just another reason that WordPress is the Swiss Army knife of development frameworks!

11 thoughts on “New Plugin, “Tumble”

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  2. Audrey, Andy, Kevin – in your WordPress plugins section, click on ‘edit’ beside the ‘tumble’ plugin and enter the email and password there where asked (lines 10 and 11 in between the ” characters).

    Scott, thanks very much for the plugin. I would like to see a few added features such as having the tags carried over to the Tumblr post, and having it link back to my blog post as the source.



    • I would like to repeat murphyz request to have a link put on the tumblr post that says something like “This has been reposted from xxxxx” I tried to hack your plugin code but I was not successful in getting this to work.

  3. hi
    i ve tried your plugin, its really easy to use
    but i have a question is there some way to remove image source link automatically from tumblr, my site is a portfolio site and i dont want to have direct image links from my site

    please help me out

  4. on administrator webpage, click on plugins then on tumble plugin you will see edit plugin, there you will see the lines where to put user and password

  5. Hi. It seems tumblr have updated theirAPI and it is causing a problem with your tumble plugin rejecting username and password.Do you have a fix for this as Tumble hasn’t worked for anyone for a few weeks.Tumble was a great plugin; such a shame to lose it.

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