New Plugin, “Like Buttons”

I uploaded this plugin to Subversion this morning without any screenshots or much documentation, and it’s already been downloaded 250 times…

What it does? Adds “Like” buttons to your Posts / Pages / Custom Post Types so you can create a circular traffic vortex between Your Blog and the ‘book.

Use these functions in your theme:

// in the Loop - for posts / pages / custom post types

// a Like button for your blog / website, put it anywhere!

// use this if you don't want to register your app

Although the JavaScript init function that loads Facebook’s API asks for an APP ID, I think you can get away without having one if you are only going to use the Like buttons and not add any Facebook Connect features.

This is a beta release but should work just fine. Enjoy.

6 thoughts on “New Plugin, “Like Buttons”

  1. Hi. I used the the_like_button() code and it works but in the admin panel i got always the warning about the ID APP.
    I already registered the app and i got the ID.
    Where must i put it?

    • I just checked-in v0.2 which should make plugins/like-buttons/like-buttons.php writable and thus editable with the Plugin Editor in the Admin. At the top of the file, put the app id in define('FACEBOOK_APP_ID', IT_GOES_HERE)

  2. How do you add the fb:app_id or fb:admins meta tags? Also, there are other fb tags I would have liked to add.

    • I just updated to v0.2 – in this version, it will add the tag for fb:app_id if you specified one – also allows you to add fb:admins if you added the list to define('FACEBOOK_ADMIN', IT_GOES_HERE) in plugins/like-buttons/like-buttons.php

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