WordCamp NYC 2012: “Cloud, Cache, and Configs”

Here are the slides from my talk today:

I spoke for 40 minutes to a room full of people that had no idea what I was saying. Seriously.

Have any of you made a plugin before? Silence / crickets. Cool, well let me dive into scaling HTTP parallelization for 15 minutes…

4 thoughts on “WordCamp NYC 2012: “Cloud, Cache, and Configs”

  1. Hey, I thought your presentation was great. Some of it out of my scope, but I got some great ideas. Gotta stat using batcache, and also looking at more read vs r/w DB servers. I used nGinx+MariaDB so gotta see the scale differences though.

  2. Is there a video available?
    Like David said, most of it was out of my scope as well, but I understood enough to really peak my interest. Hearing you talk about the slides may help me put it into context much better.

  3. Got to say i was at WC NYC and mad i missed this one! Seemed like it was good.

    A few questions:
    – Are you using RDS for MySQL or EC2’s? If so why/why not?
    – So this filter: pre_site_option_active_sitewide_plugins and this: pre_option_active_plugins
    allows you pragmatically set plugins to activated?

    • EC2s, but bringing it all in house – RDS has no guaranteed I/O.

      All options (the stuff in the database) can always be preempted by any pre_option_$option filter – if you register the filter, it completely skips the DB / cache.

      They filmed all of the sessions, not sure when they will be live. I did the presentation on Sat AND Sun, the Sunday talk might have been better.

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