Listen To This: “Dark Shores” by Strand of Oaks

Today I did what I occasionally do: downloaded 4 new records, listened to them all in a row, waited to feel something. It happened on the 4th record in: Dark Shores by Strand of Oaks. It sounds unique, while hinting at many other things: Feist’s orchestration, Jim James’ acoustic oeuvre with My Morning Jacket, maybe a light jam session with Sam Beam and Dan Auerbach. It’s just plain good.

It doesn’t take much more than one listen to “Maureen’s” to get the point – but here’s the whole record:

eMusic was way ahead of me / you: eMusic Selects ’10 Alum: Strand of Oaks
Way back in 2009: Who is… Strand of Oaks?

I’m proud that, by creating those custom post types, I had a tiny part in thrusting these stories onto the internets.